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Saturday, May 10, 2008



This is a very gentle method of cooking in a closed pan using only a small quantity of liquid. The food should never be more than half covered with the liquid and the food above this level is thus really cooked by steam. As the liquid is not allowed to boil during cooking the process is a slow one.

General rules for stewing:

. Have a pan with a well-fitting lid ready

. Prepare the food and cut into piece convenient for serving

. Use tepid liquid, which is just sufficient to half cover the food.

. Bring just to boiling point and then simmer very gently until the food is perfectly tender. Never allow a stew to boil for “a stew boiled is a stew spoilt”.

Advantages of stewing:

. Cheap cuts of meat, old fowls and tough or under-ripe fruits may be prepares by this method as the slow, moist method of cooking soften fibre, rendering the food tender.

. Meat and vegetables may be cooked and served together, making an appetizing dish, while saving fuel and labour.

. Stewed food may be cooked in the oven after other food is cooked, or it may be cooked on the side of the fire or on a very small gas or oil flame, thus again saving fuel.

. All nourishment and flavour are retained so the food is very appetizing

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